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Oryx Horn provides growth capital to companies with $1-3mm in EBITDA to support management teams, founders and families in accelerating their business growth.

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Trusted Partnership

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Trusted Partnership

Oryx Horn is a trusted partner for management teams, founders, and families, supporting them in accelerating their business growth.

Specialized Expertise

Oryx Horn possesses in-depth expertise in operating physician-constrained specialties including veterinary, pain management, fertility, and behavioral health, through a deep bench of operating advisors. Oryx Horn leadership has extensive experience in operating healthcare service businesses, particularly under-resourced areas such as revenue cycle management and patient engagement. Oryx Horn has also built a bench of strategy and pricing experts for scaling the growth of highly engineered manufactured products


Pain management


Behavioral Health

Revenue cycle management

Engineered manufacturing

Comprehensive Growth Strategies

Beyond our expertise with running physician and healthcare business service-oriented businesses, we have created an operationally robust roadmap to facilitate business growth, focused on a set of operating principles.

Depending on the business, the operating plan may include broadening the set of high-quality healthcare offerings, revenue cycle optimization, managed care contracting, exploration of new markets, operational benchmarking or best-in-class optimization. To support the growth of your businesses, we have built recruiting partnerships to support the ongoing growth of the business across business analysis, and physician support

Prudent Financial Management

We apply a prudent level of leverage to the businesses that we acquire, shifting the focus of management to strategic growth

Post-Acquisition Support

Oryx Horn retains additional capital post-acquisition for strategically accretive growth through channel incentives, add-ons, strategic investments (e.g., capex for new machinery) among other interventions