Commercial and Financial Due Diligence Services

Tatenda offers commercial and financial due diligence services leaning on his experience from McKinsey New York’s Private Equity practice and years of private equity investing.

Meaningful experience in Commercial Due Diligence

Tatenda brings significant experience in conducting commercial due diligence engagements, given his successful completion of over 12 such studies with the McKinsey New York Private Equity Practice. He thrives in getting to a deep understanding of market trends, competitive landscape, and voice of customer insights while working under tight deadlines. He has extensive experience in building market models (5+ models built), interviewing executives, competitors, and customers (100+ interviews) and running customer and competitor surveys (3+ survey processes run)

Expertise in Financial Due Diligence

In addition to his commercial due diligence toolkit, Tatenda performs financial due diligence for companies, funds, and fundless sponsors pursuing mergers and acquisitions. He completed 3 acquisitions with gross enterprise value of $350mm during his time at Cranemere International across healthcare and industrial verticals. His ability to thoroughly analyze financial statements, assess business models, and identify potential financial risks is crucial for increasing the likelihood of success for M&A transactions. He is proficient at working through data rooms to gather visibility into performance against KPIs, building financial models to the detail required across industries, and managing deal processes with different stakeholders (lenders, legal, tax, insurance).

Strategic Insights from Investment Experience

Tatenda has spent almost a decade advising and partnering with companies. During his tenure with Cranemere International, a long-term private equity acquisition vehicle, he obtained strategic perspective on making thoughtful investment decisions and an understanding of some of the business archetypes for attractive investment.

Operational Management Skills

Tatenda spent time as an operator of Arietis Health, a fast-growing revenue cycle management company in Florida, that scaled from $0 to $20mm in 3 years. He served as the Chief of Staff in standing the business up and transitioned to a role of Vice President of Client Success, supporting the service demands of the company’s clients, as a member of the C-suite. This experience has given him a pragmatic understanding of business operations, particularly the nature of operational efficiency and scalability

Comprehensive Industry Knowledge

Given his generalist background, Tatenda brings a wealth of knowledge across 3 sectors: provider healthcare, healthcare services (with a focus on provider revenue cycle management and patient engagement) and highly engineered industrial manufacturing

Result-Oriented Approach

Tatenda is a highly performance driven individual who is capable of working as part of a broader team or working in a targeted fashion as a team of one. His result-oriented approach focuses on delivering actionable insights (e.g., market and company growth rate to leverage in the financial model) and strategic recommendations that directly contribute to the growth and success of his clients’ businesses, within the deadlines stipulated.

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